Things You Should Know about Hotels

Our vacations will not be complete if we do not check-in in the best hotel in the particular place that we are visiting. Checking-in in a hotel is a very common to every tourist which is on vacation for more than a week. As the guest of the hotel, there are things that you didn’t know, but it is a must that you know it.

1. Taxi Drivers get Commission
Don’t you know that taxi drivers of hotels get a special commission? Yes, they are being paid by hotel guest for the service they offered. But this is normal to hotels for drivers are being paid extra by another guest. In this way, taxi drivers can earn easily to support their families everyday needs. Sometimes taxi drivers get commission not just in particular guest but also to some not downright greedy hotels.

2. Cleaning Staff Sleep in your Room
Other staffs tend to sleep in your room whenever they ask you to clean it. Maybe you will not notice it, but this is happening in most of the hotels. It is not that bad for the maids to sleep in your room for they are just taking their rest. They also need to take some rest after a very tiring day of cleaning and working in your room.

3. Your Phone can Kill the Key Card
Key cards of hotel rooms are not very secure; you can unlock it by using your phone. I know you are thinking how is this possible. It is just simple if you put your phone and your essential cards in the same pocket there is a tendency that they will rub is other. If this happens, your phone demagnetizes the cards leaving it a chance to render the card pointless. This is a advantageous on the part of the guest if they forget to bring their key cards or spare key.

This is some of the things you should know about hotels. Those three mentioned above are one of the stuff that you should be aware of in checking in a hotel.