Types or Classification of Hotels

1. Target Markets

One good classification of hotels is the target market. It is included for you will know who can get the benefit and services that a particular hotel is offering. You will understand who are their expected clients; here are some of these target markets.

Airport Hotels
The target markets of Airport hotels are the passenger which have overnight travel layovers and even delayed a flight. Sometimes the airline crews and staff are one of their clients.

Extended Stay Hotels
This hotel is suitable for clients who are looking for kitchen amenities in their room. Guest who wants to stay in the hotel for several weeks or to have longer vacation periods is recommended to keep in Extended Stay Hotels.

Business Hotel
Business Hotels are built mainly for business travelers. They cater to the needs of every business traveler that they have. They also provide guest amenities like free local telephone call, newspaper, breakfast, and morning coffee. Although the business hotel is built for the business traveler, this is a good hotel which is very attractive in the eye of any guest.

Suite Hotels
Lawyer and accountants best choose this hotel for they can work on the side of the bedroom. Suite hotels are one of the growing types of hotels in the market.

2. Size of the Hotel or Number of Rooms
The size of the room or the number of place in a hotel is one of the classifications of hotels. Other hotels have 200 rooms or less. Some of them have more than 700 rooms. Which is convenient for they can accommodate a lot of guests.

3. Levels of Service
The level of service of the hotels comes in many ways, such as limited service, mid-range service, and world-class service. It depends on what service do you prefer to ask for the hotel.

4. Ownership and Affiliation
When it comes to property and affiliation, there two types of hotels, the single owner hotel and the chain hotels.